Not essentially a ghost, however often times noted as guardian angels and protective spirits. They are viewed as beings from the light.


Also known as the Graveyard Watcher. In parts of Europe, when a new graveyard was created, it was customary to bury an unfortunate victim alive in the first grave so that a ghostly gaurdian was created. This tormented soul would frighten off others-alive or dead-so that the peace of the departed would not be disturbed.


Spiritualistic manifestation of a person or object in which a form not actually present is seen with such intensity that belief in its reality is created.


Also known as a residual or replay haunting, these are typically seen in only one location repeating a certain action again and again, usually something attached to a traumatic event.


A word from the Irish legend meaning “screaming ghost.” Banshees howling was suppose to be heard when someone in the house was going to die. Some European are still said to be haunted by banshees.


Also known as floating battlefields, they resemble an actual reenactment of war, but for some reason, they typically occur above the ground. From several to a hundred feet up, in some cases.

Boogie Man

A generic term used to encompass and describe any tormenting or frightening spirit. Many ghost stories center around this particular aspect, yet it is the rarest of ghosts.

Collective Apparition

This is a ghost that is witnessed by several people simultaneously.

Crisis Apparition

This apparition usually occurs during a crisis or the death of the one that is seen as the apparition. The person can either be in an extreme emergency, or they have just passed on and are saying goodbye. They are almost always one-time events.


Demons are thought to be minions of hell and appear to absorb the energy off the fear they invoke.


These are usually considered the same as ghosts. They are beings without bodies or incorporeal. Discarnate often implies a more recently passed on human soul.


This is often the same as discarnate and ghost. It is an apparition that is somehow caused by a surviving aspect of a dead individual.


An exact copy of a person's souls would appear which in legend would foretell of one's own death. The spirit would at times roam freely into the world as a copy of a person and at time can take a physical form. There is a warning that if a person meets up with his or her doppelganger, death will soon follow.


A form of mist, or fog, that appears usually as a light shade of gray, but can appear, rarely, in a number of colors. It is mostly seen floating through air and can hang about motionless or travel extremely fast from one area to another. It has been said that a spirit will frequently take this form before appearing as a full apparition.

Etheric Revenant

A very rare, but dangerous undead creature that feeds upon energy from the living, it is the original vampire of legend.

Familiar spirit

A supernatural spirit or daemon supposed to attend on or serve a person. It can also be called a familiar.


Ghosts which are connected to a particular familiy, they often foretell death and disaster.

Ghost Image

Photograph of a ghost.

Graveyard Specters

Also known as shells or shades, these are believed to be the etheric remnants of a person after death. Commonly found in graveyards days or weeks after a burial, they are scary but not dangerous. Typically seen as dark, shadowy forms they usually do not communicate or talk. Legend has it that people were buried alive in new graveyards to create a guardian, known as an Ankou.

Grey Ladies

The ghosts of women who died in sadness over love or betrayal. Can be white, gray or black.


Ghost or spirits who appear to the living to warn of danger or offer guidance. They are usually deceased love ones who appear to a family member or a friend to offer aid in moments of distress. Also can be refer to spiritual guides.

Haunted Objects

Instead of haunting a location, a particular object is the anchor for a ghost.


These are atmospheric-like except they can be seen in more than one location going about their business. Non-interactive, so they would fall into Location Based. Typically dressed in period clothing and often appear solid.


The Incubus is a male ghost that sexual attacks prey, and usually just takes what he wants.


1: A spirit or goblin, often mischievous, that haunts houses.

2. A spirit that haunts mines or other underground places.


Good spirits of the dead believed to be protectors.


Sometimes evil, believed to be ghosts of those dying without a family.

Marian Apparitions

Visions or supernatural manifestations of the Blessed Virgin Mary accompanied by paranormal phenomena. According to the Catholic church, religious apparitions are not ghosts but mystical phenomena permitted by God.


As Historical, but they resemble more contemporary people.

Object Apparitions

Manifestations of ghostly items which can be natural or manmade objects.


The most frequent and well-known form a spirit can take. They can materialize as a solid mass or as swirling geometric patterns. They can also be translucent or show themselves as floating spheres of light on video. It is believed the color of the orb reflects how dynamic the surrounding is.

Out of Body

The appearance of a living person who is actually in another location. They are not necessarily ill or dying, and can be either solid or translucent. Some claim to recall their OBE and can give verifiable details about the location they were seen. most likely related to Astral Projection.

Phantom Monks

Often heard chanting & singing, some wishing to remain in beloved surroundings, others having suffered a violent death due to their faith during times of religious prosecution.

Phantom Vehicles

Ghostly vehicles usually traveling at high speed that suddenly appear on the road, some driverless.

Phantom Nuns

Allegedly belonging to women of the church that met with violent death during religious persecution or are being punished for their transgressions. There are many cases documented in England.

Phantom Travelers

Ghosts of humans & animals that haunt travel routes, stations & vehicles usually associated with tragedies of travels.


Ghosts that are not seen until after a photo is taken and examined. These MAY include orbs, mists, (ectoplasm) vortexes, shadows and other unusual light or optical effects. The debate is whether they are actually ghosts, spirits, or souls.


Acknowledged as the ‘orb with the tail’ signifying they are moving at fast speeds.


This can be described as a certain phenomena such as rapping, movement of furniture and breaking of crockery, for which there is no apparent scientific reasoning.

Psychic Imprints

These ghosts are believed to be the result of memories that were imprinted into the area that play out the events that occurred. This is caused by moments of emotional stress, intense violence or other situation the person who left the impression experienced. The psychic imprint has no intelligence behind it except to play through like a movie over and over again till it fades away.


One who conducts the soul in safety to the afterworld.


Dimwitted nocturnal creatures with disgusting habits appearing as black figures with yellow or flaming hair, wearing a wreath of entrails.

Recurrent Apparition

This can also be known as a ghost, it is a visible essence that is seen more or less in the same form by different people at different times in roughly the same vicinity.


This variety of ghost cannot interrelate or acknowledge your presence. In general one experiences smells, sounds and possibly see the spirit as it replays a moment of its life. This imprinted on the area is played back under the right conditions.

Shadow Ghosts

A devious natured ghost. They often appear as a long slender shadow. These types can be extremely evasive, making them problematic to photograph. When noticed, they will blend into nearby shadows, or disappear through a wall or even just a flash out of the corner of your eye. Recently they have been ‘type-cast’, recently, as Shadow People.


1. The principle of conscious life; the vital principle in humans, animating the body or mediating between body and soul.

2. The incorporeal part of humans: present in spirit though absent in body.

3. The soul regarded as separat.

Spirit Rapping

This can be known as a form of communication between living persons and the spirits of deceased persons by tapping out messages on a table, board, or the like.


Are moving orbs that appear as lines of light. They are not visible to the naked eye, but on film appear as a moving spark in the dark. Like general Orbs, they can appear in many colors.


The Incubus is a female ghost that sexual attacks prey, generally using emotional and psychological methods in their attacks.


Also known as Phantom Craft under Location Based, they are often associated with the final moments of some tragic accident. The wreckage itself can attach energy in such a way as to become haunted. There are some kinds that are not necessarily relegated to one location, but can be seen anywhere that it would have normally been seen in pre-spirit existence.


These appear as funnel shape generally moving around as tornado would. These can also have anomalous events occur around them such as sounds, smells and vast temperature changes. Colors can also vary from the regular misty white to any super charged color.


A specter in legend to bring misfortune if seen and is often seen as a premonition of a person's death. Wraith can also be characterized as death since they appear as a entity wearing a hooded cloak and in some folklore they have glowing red eyes.