The Beginning: The American Association of Paranormal Investigators was founded by Stephen Weidner of Denver, Colorado, in August of 2002. The premise of AAPI was to develop a more scientific and organized method of collecting, analyzing, and presenting data from our investigations. The implementation of guidelines and protection of clients became one of the first 'rules' of investigating. Once evidence was collected in the field and analyzed in a controlled fashion, recreated if possible, and documented under controlled procedures, those findings could be presented to the general public. With these 'rules' in motion AAPI was founded. Trade name and 501c3 status was established and investigations started.

Our History: Through the years, AAPI had as many as 150 members and as few as 3. Unfortunately the field of paranormal research tends to be somewhat divisive. There are many in the field that insist they are doing things "correctly", or that they are somehow "experts" in all things paranormal. The bottom line is: that there is no such thing as a paranormal expert. At the end of the day, all we have is evidence, analysis, rational judgement, integrity, experiences, and opinion. Over the past several years, AAPI has undergone a shift in thinking where the "group" mentality is concerned. We believe it can be a limiting factor in paranormal research in general, and have chosen to knock down those boundaries for ourselves. What this means in practice, is that we investigate and collaborate with those who have good intentions and seek answers within the field regardless of which group they belong to or what their desired course of study is. We are open-minded and accepting of various beliefs and proposed theories, including those of ardent skeptics. We encourage anyone who associates with us to spread their wings in the field so to speak, and to engage themselves in any way they see fit to further gather evidence, knowledge, and experience. In the end, the paranormal journey is different for everyone.

Mission: The search for evidence of the paranormal is the primary mission of the association. To this end, the locations that AAPI prefers to investigate are considered to be the most actively haunted in the country. We are sometimes willing to perform local investigations as requested, and if not, we can usually refer you to someone who can.

Consultation: AAPI is fortunate to have associations with a wide array of individuals that have extensive experience in all things paranormal. From investigators, equipment inventors, legitimate psychics, general researchers, and even priests and demonologists, we likely can point you in the right direction. Should you feel that you need any of these services, please reach out and we'll try to help in some way.

Joining: We have no defined membership, just willing participants. AAPI has not been a traditional "ghost hunting" or paranormal group since around 2014. We have chosen to reject that group mentality after years of struggle, trying experiences, and learning more about ourselves and the nature of many in the same pursuit. People tend to come and go in this field, and their engagement level can vary based on personal energy to do so, or life circumstances. There is no reason to feel as though one is "letting down" an established group in any way, that they must participate, or feel as though they should be entitled to participate in every endeavor, etc. A rather loose association has proven to be the most successful approach for us, and this viewpoint has been a few decades in the making. Today, we are simply an association of like minded researchers, investigators, and above all, friends. If you believe that you may be of the same mindset, and would like to try and get involved in some way, feel free to reach out and let us know. We are willing to collaborate with established groups as well. #ParaUnity

Tools: AAPI has access to a wide range of cutting edge investigation equipment, and our techniques for gathering evidence have been refined over the course of decades of combined experience and knowledge. We have also engaged the use of priests from various religions to help with cleansings and demonic activity. We have used psychics with proven extraordinary abilities. When it comes to researching anything that can be loosely classified as "paranormal", AAPI has probably been involved in some way either in the past or present.

Exposure: AAPI is asked occasionally to assist in research for movies, television shows, and books. It is not unusual for audiences to hear an associate of AAPI on radio or podcast programs, to see them on TV, or to read a book authored by one of them. We have also been invited to give lectures at regional paranormal groups and conferences. These lectures typically deal with education, procedure, and evidence studies. And sometimes, we just like to tell interested audiences about our ghostly encounters. If you have a proposal in this area, please use the CONTACT link above.